Wednesday, March 27, 2013


It's almost Easter, and I thought I'd share some Easter egg pictures. These are actually from last year, as we have not yet dyed Easter Eggs this year. But fun nonetheless.

My family has always done Easter eggs with food coloring, rather than the Paas tablets. Well maybe we did them with Paas when I was little, but I dont really remember those days. I definitely prefer using food coloring. The colors are SO much more vibrant and you can make some pretty sweet designs if you play around with it...dip, drip, splotch, smudge, spread it. Just have fun with it, no matter what you'll end up with some cool looking eggs.

I don't recommend using food coloring if you have small children though. If you do, expect for not only the eggs to be dyed, but also the kids, your table and probably yourself. It's messy and that shit stains, so BE CAREFUL. I always wear gloves and lay down a drop cloth of some sort. 

Added fun fact of doing eggs this way: when you crack them, the egg whites will (most of the time) be dyed too. We always had some really fun egg salad sandwiches after Easter in my house.

Happy egg dying!


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