Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dr. Crane

Using this great video tutorial, I was able to make an origami crane the first time I tried. No experience, except for a brief encounter as an adolescent which I owe to my 7th grade social studies teacher's strange affinity for the Japanese culture. She insisted we refer to her as sensei...

You can buy origami paper at your local craft store. The rice paper was soft and flexible, but actually ended up keeping its' form a lot better than the regular paper. I also used a bone folder (around $6.00) which helps to prevent stress on the hands.

I recommend small, carnie-esque hands and nimble fingers.

Here, I wove a small cotton piping through a needle with a very large eye. 

Loop the piping through once more to secure the bird's location on the "wire"...


I would actually recommend lacing the piping through the front, rather than the side of the crane's back for a better look. I really loved doing this craft. It takes less than a few minutes once you get the "hang" of it. Oh, the fun of puns.. I want to try a more minimalist color palette next :o)

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