Tuesday, September 25, 2012

chairs gone wild

This past Sunday I celebrated my quarter century birthday. Very bittersweet. It's difficult emerging from the shadows of my early 20s into the very public and very scrutinized age where it's time to do something with my life. So I did some day drinking.

I decided to have a birthday brunch, but I needed a bit more seating. So with the help of my fellow blogger Amanda, I found a couple metal folding chairs at a local Salvation Army.

Like the chairs above-left (original source)

Then we picked up some spray paint at a craft store...NOT a hardware store. (I have looked over the years at hardware stores, but they never have good colors...:)

I covered the wood on the chairs with pieces of plastic grocery bags and painter's tape. I first did a base coat of a flat white spray paint, but it looked terrible. Since they do not sell spray paint in Chicago, I had to cover the chairs with what I had on hand (above). I recommend the gloss for covering metal. Looks much better with a slight sheen.

It's hard to get a photo without a cat tail around here.

As you can tell, I got a bit lazy with the paint job on the bottom of the chairs. I just get....so.....exciteeeed

Mimosas seen here
The brunch was a great success and so much fun. Everyone brought a dish (or bottle) to pass and it was amazing. I think I may have a birthday brunch in the future.... 25 has not been so bad so far ;)


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  1. I love it! Now we need to do mine. ;)

    1. Yes - we do! Have you decided on the color? -Kelly

    2. Well, right now I have a pretty blue. So maybe that! or watermelon! Or another trip to the craft store!