Friday, September 14, 2012

Double Exposure, Double the Fun

Recently my fellow blogger Amanda, and I went to an amazing festival where she had brought along a disposable camera to document the event. This reminded me of how awesome disposable camera's are and how much I miss taking pictures with film in general. As cool as it is to be able to see your picture as soon as you take it, there is an element of adventure and a lot more thought that has to go into a picture when taking it with film because you just never know for sure how it is going to look until you develop it. And I miss that with digital cameras.

Therefore a plan was devised! I shall buy a couple of disposable cameras and go on a photo adventure, and with any luck force some double exposures out of this event as well (cause who doesn't love an awesome double exposure).  After sifting through 60 or pics here are a few of my favs that I thought I would share with our wonderful blog readers.

These were all taken at a Metropark near me and I fully intend to go back and take more once the leaves start to change. Definitely had fun with the disposable and I am thinking of trying to dig up an old film camera to continue to play around with film. So yes, look forward to more in the future!


UPDATE: Since there was a question about it, in order to get the double exposure, it was a combination of literally beating the disposable and Photoshop. To get a double exposure with a disposable camera:

  • Take a picture
  • Charge your flash
  • Then literally smack the thing in the palm of your hand, the flash will fire and you will get a double exposure
  • Then wind it

This is tricky and only worked for me a handful of times (the last picture being one of those times). Getting a double exposure with a normal film camera is a lot easier and simply involves not advancing the film. The rest were done in Photoshop.

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  1. Your pictures turned out great! I especially like the one of the house...I want to try! How do you do it? Can you add it to the post?

    1. Thanks - wow I had no idea you could do that.. :P

  2. I feel like there's a lot of potential to do "spooky" photos with this for Halloween.

  3. This is awesome, had no idea it was possible!