Saturday, December 29, 2012


I am currently in LA visiting friends for the new year. Here a few pictures from my adventure.

We went to a bar called the Big Lodge Inn, which is where you will find a flannel husby. There were a mix of hipsters and punks among the log-adorned walls. The DJ was good, playing a mix of retro and the Cardigans "Lovefool." Beer selection, meh.

We also had a visit to the LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Which was awesome because they had a STANLEY KUBRICK exhibit and you know how I love me some Stanley Kubrick. And if you didn't, you do NOW. They had the original twin dresses from The Shining.

Script excerpts from the Stanley Kubrick's Lolita. Of course it's pink. :)

The Shining labrynth model

Twin girls' original costumes
Did you know that in Stephen King's "the Shining," the ghost girls are sisters (not twins)? Then, Kubrick modeled them after his close friends Diane Arbus' famous twin girls photograph. I didn't know that.
Diane Arbus
Identical Twins, c. 1967
Also, I share a strange resemblance with the 13 yr old Sue Lyon that played Lolita in obviously - Lolita, or so my friend Christina said (below).

Sue Lyon in Lolita

So, I will share more photos when I return... Have a happy new year!


Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange exhibit at LACMA. These are replicas of the statues from the film's famous milk bar scene.

My idea of the epitome of an LA scene - in Melrose - great shopping BTW !

The Big Lodge Inn - Interior is a log cabin and all the bartenders are in flannel..nice :)
Preparations for the 2012 Rose Parade

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