Friday, November 9, 2012

Music Friday

I have an amazing talent for throwing myself into deep depressions, and today is no exception; therefore all I really want to do is sit in my room, by myself and listen to music. With that being said, I thought I would give you all a taste of some of the tunes, yeah, I said it, "tunes" that I am currently listening to, and frankly think you should check out, if you haven't already.

First on the list is my current obsession, a little band from the UK by the name of ∆ (thats Alt-J). I love them, for real. I suggest listening to their single Tessellate:

This is the song that got me hooked on them, but their whole album is awesome. I currently have their song Matilda on repeat.

Next up is Laurie Levine. I subscribe to the Communion newsletter (an excellent way to hear new music BTW, I suggest signing up) and their free download last week was from this lady. I absolutely love her single Oh, Brother, it has a bluesy feel that I just die for:

A couple weeks back a coworker asked me if I wanted to go to a show; a band by the name of The Octopus Project. Frankly I was not too familiar with them, but I am always up for hearing new music, so I said okay. And I'm glad I did. The show was awesome, the company great and I kind of fell in love with the band.  I was actually unable to embed their stuff here, but you can check out their YouTube channel here. It's all great.

Lastly, I can't end a music post without mentioning my loves; Mumford and Sons. That's right. They just released a video for my current favorite (it changes weekly) song off their new album Babel by the name of Lover of the Light. I'm actually not too terribly thrilled with the video, but check it out and make your own decisions there.