Wednesday, November 7, 2012

burgundy, burgundy everywhere

The 90s are back y'all. If you look anywhere recently, you will have a 90s flashback - and I am loving it. I was never a big fan of this color, but it seems so refreshing recently. Burgundy is everywhere. On nails, shoes, pants, lips, and hair. 

I am currently crocheting a cowl inspired by the picture match my new lipstick of course. Refer to the series of pictures below on how to apply burgundy or other dark lipsticks.

1. Using the side of the liner, line your lips. I start on the bottom lip because it's easier. It is okay to draw "slightly" outside of your natural lip line.. I emphasize the word "slightly."
2. Line your upper lip carefully.
3. Blend the line you have made by coloring in the parts of your lips near the line you made. This will prevent the cholo effect. 
4. Add lipstick and blot on your nearest checkbook or junk mail.

*TRICKS*  - CONCEAL any and all blemishes around your mouth. Sometimes, placing a subtle line of a sheer white powder or eyeshadow will help highlight and define the shape of your mouth.

Do you like my scary 60s anatomical lipstick diagram?

wearing M.A.C. "Dark Side" lipstick with "Burgundy" liner

Please be sure to wear a light BRONZER as a blush. This shade can really wash white girls out. I would also be interested to see this lipstick shade with a light pink blush...


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