Monday, June 3, 2013

DIY Cat Scratcher

Cats are very picky creatures. When I find a product that they love, I cling to it. I got a beige floor cat scratcher about 6 months ago and the cats loved it. Anything a cat loves gets destroyed, naturally. So I decided to repurpose it with a non-toxic sisal rope with a little more color. I got the sisal rope from this website:

You need about 60 feet of 1/4 inch sisal rope, a staple gun, upholstery staples, and a base to attach it to. This base I have is very simple. Just one long board and two smaller to keep it elevated from the floor.

I laced the rope back and forth rather than roping it all the way around the board because I underestimated the amount of rope I would need. I placed several staples on each rope underneath to secure it in place. Then, I sprinkled with cat nip. :)




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