Saturday, January 19, 2013

Estate-Sale Finds!

I thought I'd give you guys a look into my recent estate sale hunts. Found some pretty good things and came to a realization. I have a lamp fetish. I'm collecting too many of them and although I hate to do this to you, I feel it's appropriate to quote Anchorman. Yes, I do love lamp.

Silver arc lamp. The cord was broken and the guy asked $40. I told him I couldn't pay over $25. He said, "ok!" Doesn't hurt to ask! Rewired it and it's purrfect! The rewiring task proved to be a bit intimidating, so it sat in my trunk for about 6 months, but now it's purrfect! ;)

Basket weave hanging lamp. Asked $20. I told her I'd like to pay $10. It was their last day of the sale. She said she couldn't do it. So, I left. She chased me down the hall and said she'd take $10. ;) I may paint this lamp later. I haven't decided what color yet. Possibly white... Or yellow...

Gold finish coffee set. Asked $12. I said, "ok!"

Like I've said before, it's important to note what the items are worth to you. Many times people at these sales are greedy and won't budge on the prices. It's ok to walk away. I'd rather leave empty-handed than leave with something I overpaid for. Sometimes, the walking away gets you the item anyway!


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